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 The book about experiencing Puget Sound from aboard the ferries
On the ferries
of Puget Sound

304 pages

More than 375 photos

Hard-cover and
softbound editions

Printed on heavy,
acid-free art paper

7" x 10.5"
(7" x 21" when open)

Crossings portrays the vibrant experience of traveling on the ferries of Puget Sound.  The book weaves together factual information, images, and insights, presented in 304 pages with more than 375 original photographs.  The book is an ideal souvenir for anyone who wishes to remember or share the experience of a ferry voyage.

Seattle's ferries handle about 24 million passenger trips each year — the ferry system provides both a commuter transit service and an adventurous outing.  A voyage across the Sound can offer spectacular views of the Seattle skyline to the east, wooded shorelines to the west, and an ever-changing interplay of light and color created by the skies and water.  Around the Sound tower the Olympics Range, the rugged Cascades, and Mount Rainier.

Single copies of Crossings are available through retail stores and online booksellers.  Some regional stores carrying the book and related postcards are listed on this page, below the image of the book's covers.  This website provides more information about the book and postcards, and how to purchase either, especially in bulk quantities for resale.

© Michael Diehl, Crossings : On the ferries of Puget Sound --- Covers of Softcover Book
Crossings   On the ferries of Puget Sound  

The book is available through this site's "Buy the Book" page,
on Bainbridge Island at Eagle Harbor Book Co.,
the Bainbridge Island Historical Society & Museum Gift Shop,
and Winslow Drugs.
Also offered by the Pine Cone gift shop (Kingston),
the Naval Undersea Museum gift shop (in Keyport),
online booksellers, and at regional bookstores and specialty stores.

(Retailers can order Crossings books or cards in bulk
for resale through this Website's "Buy the Book" page.)

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