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© Michael Diehl, Crossings : On the ferries of Puget Sound --- Seattle Space Needle, skyline, the Cascades, and a ferry sailing across Puget Sound
Comments from Readers and Reviewers

Book reviewers, book stores and individuals have commented about Crossings, and some of those responses are presented on this page.

Bookstore and reviewer comments:

"… a unique combination ...
breathtaking photos of views of the
Sound, ferries, mountains and waterfront
taken from the ferries, and a description
of the boats and their operation,
facts about the Sound, weather patterns,
and reflections on the commute.   ...
a photography, keepsake, and reference book
of great appeal to locals and visitors alike."
kitsap-literary-scene.com (online review)

"... stories, history, and musings along with striking color images ....   The effect is dynamic
– no static, merely pretty pictures –
... holistic and cohesive, ... a story
whose whole is larger than its parts."
— The Bainbridge Island Review
(Front page)

"Take a look at this fabulous new book."
— Eagle Harbor Book Company
(store display when book first arrived)

"... a beautiful book ... really a show stopper.
... I was bowled over by the photographs."
— Steven Pickens, author of Ferries of Puget Sound

"A handsome photo-essay
on ferry travel around the Sound.
... a good eye for both the bright
and brooding light of our maritime environs."
— The Seattle Times
("Local Offerings" column,

Review excerpts continue under the photo below ...


Reseller merchants:
Experiences selling the book —

  Gift and general merchandise shops near ferry terminals –  A small gift shop located near where cars await boarding added Crossings materials and soon sold more than 40 softcover and 20 hardbound copies of the book — and many postcards.  Elsewhere, a drugstore close to a ferry terminal has sold 72 softcover books, 18 hardcover copies, and hundreds of Crossings postcards.

  Bookstores situated near ferry terminals – Two bookstores sited close to the opposite ends of a ferry route have, together, sold more than 300 softcover and 125 hardbound copies of Crossings.  During the tourism off-season, local residents continue to buy copies as gifts for others (perhaps to make the recipients wish they, too, lived here).

  A gift shop in a distant tourism destination –  During just one tourism season, a shop far from the ferries but catering to tourists displayed the book very prominently and sold 38 softcover and 25 hardbound copies.
Data as of Dec. 31, 2013

Reactions from readers:

“The pictures are spectacular."

"... the combinations of pictures and text ... are amazing."

"... brilliant idea put together with excellent pics and great info.  The trip you took me on was a most enjoyable journey.  This is so much more than just a book."

"What a remarkable set of photographs.  The captions and commentary are really quite lyrical too."

"The colors in the water and the wonderful sunsets and sunrises are truly amazing.  I could almost smell the aromas and hear the sounds of the busy ferries and terminal."

"... bountiful information ... even seasoned ferry riders can learn from."

"… loved the ‘fog facts’ section, the information on the mountains, [and] all of the ‘Reflections on Mount Rainier’ material – the photos and information."

© Michael Diehl, Crossings : On the ferries of Puget Sound --- Ferry sailing away from the Olympics towards Seattle on Puget Sound at Sunset
                                  Crossings  On the ferries of Puget Sound

Reviewer and bookstore comments (continued) ...

"... informatively poetic narration ...
A signature Seattle experience for visitors
and a lifeline for everyday commuters, the Washington State Ferries system is one of the largest in the world.  And while the boats are made of steel, the system, as a whole, is somewhat of a living, breathing organism.
That organism is ... documented and reflected upon through stunning photography ...
... it's more than simply a collection of pretty pictures, it's a comprehensive, full-color story
... It examines ferries as icons and images,
as a way of life and as this amazing, visceral experience ... readily available to anyone ..."
Port Orchard Independent


   "... careful attention ... to production values ...
   "... terrific shots of downtown Seattle gleaming
in the morning light, and ferries passing by one
another on the Sound, and the Cascades and the Olympics in varying moods and, of course,
Mount Rainier.
   "... a wonderful, concrete poem ... is given an unassuming spot midbook.  It really deserves to be placed up front, where it can't be missed."
— The Kitsap Sun ("Crossings Celebrates Our Affair with Ferries")

   "Sunsets rippling on waves, fog-shrouded skyscrapers, glimmering mountains ....
... a photo-rich book ... [that] has captured what many ferry commuters forget to appreciate."
— Bainbridge Conversation

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