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© Michael Diehl, Crossings : On the ferries of Puget Sound --- Three ferries on Puget Sound near Seattle, bound for Fauntleroy (most distant), Bremerton and Bainbridge Island

Details about the Book

Factual information
and insights about

Drive-on/drive-off ferries
Geology and the mountains
Varieties of fog
Ferries as a transit system
Central Sound routes
The Seattle/Bainbridge route
Rhythm of the ferries
Mount Rainier
Water surface variations
Ships and shipping
Deck levels on ferries
Factual odds and ends
A visual guide to ferry jargon
Area and local reference maps

Usually available at ...

around Puget Sound:     

— Barnes & Noble

in Seattle:                     
— Elliott Bay Book Co.

on Bainbridge Island:      
— Eagle Harbor Book Co.
— Winslow Drugs
— Museum Gift Shop,
Bainbridge Island
Historical Society

in Kitsap County:            
— Liberty Bay Books,
downtown Poulsbo
— Pine Cone Gift Shop,
— Naval Undersea Museum
(gift shop), Keyport

in Olympia:            
— Orca Books,
509 E. 4th St.

from Online sellers:        
— Amazon.com
— Barnes & Noble
— Powells Books

The nature and form of the book:

Crossings is a book-length photojournalistic celebration of the Puget Sound ferry experience.  The key traits of a photo story are that it employs narrative and uses a story structure to convey information through a blending of images and words.  The book portrays, explores, and helps explain what can be viewed on voyages across Puget Sound.

Specifics about the printing:

Matte coated heavy art paper (acid-free) is the background canvas for more than 375 original photographs, each of which is individually "spot varnished" with a clear overlay that enhances the glow and colors of the image.  The book's 304 pages are divided into signatures that are "smythe sewn" for durability and to allow the pages to open smoothly.  Laminate overlays protect the cover and dust jacket.

Below:  A sample two-page spread from Crossings' "visual guide to ferry jargon" with
verbal and visual explanations of the terms "picklefork", "jackstaff", and "car tunnel".

© Michael Diehl, Crossings : On the ferries of Puget Sound --- page spread, Visual explanations of Puget Sound ferry jargon

Asking a bookstore to obtain Crossings:

Requesting the book at a bookstore not already carrying the book may require providing detailed ordering information.  That information is in the box below.  Please print this page and provide it to the bookstore.

Michael Diehl, Crossings : On the ferries of Puget Sound --- Book ISBNs and ordering information for bookstores

For Library of Congress catalog classification details and information, use this — Library of Congress — link.

                                  Crossings  On the ferries of Puget Sound

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