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© Michael Diehl, Crossings : On the ferries of Puget Sound --- Ferry sailing towards Seattle passes below Mount Rainier near dawn


Crossings postcards:

Use this link — Postcards — to see the full line of Crossings postcards.  The link opens a new browser window and loads a PDF file (about 2 MEG).

Packets of cards can be ordered via the "Buy the Book" page of this website.  Some regional retailers carry individual cards.

Packets of postcards can be used for innovative business mailings or invitations, and printed information can be added on the "back" side with a home or office printer. 


Links and Extras

This link — WSF Home — leads to the Washington State Ferries ("WSF") website. 

This link — WSF Route Maps — connects to WSF's graphic depiction of the Puget Sound area and routes. 

WSF displays the approximate "real-time" locations of all ferries on their routes, through this link — WSF "Vessel Watch".

Images from WSF cameras in the vehicle loading areas of many terminals — WSF Cameras — can help evaluate whether heavy ferry traffic faces those planning to load their cars.

Use this link — Seattle tides — to see current tides at Seattle or (by using options on the site) future or past tide information.

Bibliophiles can use this link — Books — for a list (and brief descriptions) of books of potential interest about the Puget Sound region, the Pacific Northwest, and Seattle-area ferries.

                                  Crossings  On the ferries of Puget Sound


A ferry history website,
and a history of the ferries:

Those intrigued by the tradition
and history of ferry service on
Puget Sound may wish to use this
link to a website about the ferries:

In addition, a photographic history
of the Sound's cross-water transit
vessels by Steven J. Pickens
(see image of book cover at right)
is available for purchase through
online and local area bookstores
(the book is not sold on this site).


A capsule description of
Ferries of Puget Sound
      (by Steven J. Pickens — 2005)

In 128 pages with some 200 images, Steve Pickens portrays the evolving fleet of the Washington State Ferries system during the WSF's first 50-plus years of operations.  He traces the origins of the system's first vessels and follows many retired boats to their final destinations.

The book presents a comprehensive record of the ferries, as well as highly informative details in photo captions and in well-written, concise passages that introduce the book's three main sections.

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